“Prayed for Longhorns too,” 1961

Now that’s what I call ecumenical!

It says on the back that Father Gerard Joubert prayed for the Longhorns too and I believe it. I’ve been present at a lot of locker room prayer sessions and I’ve never heard a single prayer for victory.

This seems to be a group of Rice athletes (and I see the great Eddie Wojecki at far left, recognizable even with his hand up to make the sign of the cross) so I’m guessing this must have been taken before the October 28th game with Texas. We lost that one but had a good season.

I believe that Father Joubert was later the pastor at Holy Rosary in midtown and if I recall correctly he’s generally credited with the revitalization of that parish. He lived to the age of 92 and here’s a link to his 2004 obituary. He sounds like a wonderful man.

Bonus: I’ll be away tomorrow but not indefinitely. (Thanks, Chuck Pool!)


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  1. Fr. Joubert was, indeed, a wonderful man. He truly cared about the students. He built the Newman Club into a very active club that drew lots of students, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. He guided my reception into the Roman Catholic Church while I was there, and remained a friend for a long time, even after I had moved from Houston to Pennsylvania. He did rebuild Holy Rosary Parish as a thriving parish. I was saddened to hear of his death in 2004.

  2. Nancy Burch says:

    Baylor used to pray for a Bear victory over the PA system before the game.

  3. Jim Walzel '59 says:

    Barry Switzer tell this story of when he was football coach at OU. They were playing Nebraska who had one of their great teams. His quarterback was saying the pregame pray and concluded ” dear Lord, please don’t let the best team win “

  4. Barney L. McCoy, Hanszen 67 says:

    Eddie Wojecki played a role in the life of every athlete who attended Rice, from the All Americans to the guys who showed up. I was a non athletic scholarship long jumper who might every now and then score a point in a freshman meet, but would probably never place first at a varsity meet. The week before the SWC meet my freshman year I injured my knee, tearing 3 of the 4 ligaments holding the knee together. Dr. Ed Smith reconstructed my knee, but it would only bend 5 degrees. I spent nearly a year with Eddie stretching those ligaments and I can tell you that beneath that tough exterior was a man who deeply cared for every Rice athlete under his guidance.

  5. William A. says:

    I, too, tore up my knee early in my Freshman year in ’62. I had it repaired at Thanksgiving break by Dr. Ed Smith, and Eddie Wojecki worked with me to “recondition” it. I was not an athlete, but he worked with me just as if I were an athlete. Thanks, Eddie — the knee still works!

  6. Tomas F Molina says:

    I was a freshman in 1964, assigned to Weiss College, on basketball scholarship. First “interview” with Eddie Wojecki he asked if I was Catholic. Then, he made sure I knew about the Newman Club chapel (is it still there?), off Rice campus on West side, He “recruited” the Catholic boys, Jim Doyle, Hugo Hollas, Frank Mandola, myself and others to attend 1st Friday 7am Mass at the Newman club chapel, and, also, of course to attend Mass on Sundays. The Newman club usually had breakfast/lunches available which were a treat! also, there was a movie night with hot dogs and other goodies during the week. Hollas, Doyle, and me were altar servers sometimes too.
    good ol’ days!
    Tomas Molina, Rice 1968

  7. Tomas F Molina says:

    I forgot to comment. your posted photo looks like it was the Newman Club chapel.

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