Not Hamman Hall at Night, circa 1970

Remember this from last week?

I got this email from Pat Dwyer, who runs Space Management for FE&P, the next day:

I was looking at this image from your post yesterday, and thinking that it may be the single story classroom linking building, looking westward, between the M.D. Anderson Biological Laboratories Building and the Keith-Wiess Geological Laboratories Building, and not Hamman Hall?

It took one second to see that he’s right.  I take much comfort from the fact that I wasn’t the only one to get it wrong.

Note to those who will be correcting my future errors: please notice how gently he did it. I really appreciate that.

Thanks, Pat!

Bonus: In other news it turns out that my hair is actually a mousy brown interspersed with a healthy amount of light grey. It’s inoffensive, I think, and I just might leave it.

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5 Responses to Not Hamman Hall at Night, circa 1970

  1. Steve Lukingbeal, Hanszen ‘76 says:

    Melissa, I noticed that our current overgrown hairstyles are highly reminiscent of the haircuts we wore at Rice in the early 70s. Our parents dropped us off on campus with short preppie haircuts, but because we all wanted to look like rock and roll stars, by the time final exams rolled around, we all had these horrible hairstyles which looked like we were in horrible need of a haircut. The barber in the Village almost went out of business

    • James Medford says:

      I’m wondering if the barber in the Village you’re referring to was Times Barber Shop? If so, they’re still in business, but they’re on the Southwest Freeway feeder road just off Shepherd.

    • Richard Miller, BA 1975, MEE 1976 says:

      I remember his adds in the Thresher. His pitch was to come in before going home on break to get a more ‘acceptable’ haircut

  2. Galloway Hudson. Wiess '60 says:

    Circa 1956, Freshmen were required to let their hair grow until Thanksgiving. We in ROTC were exempted, but we were required to keep our legs shaved until Thanksgiving instead. I do not recall if that spilled over to 1957. There was a huge change in “Freshman Guidance” between those two years with the advent of the college system in Spring 1957. The deaths of two sophomores from carbon monoxide poisoning while participating in a prank in 1956 also contributed to that drastic change. Our class felt the full brunt of Freshman Guidance, but we were not allowed to pass on the more sadistic aspects of it to the next class.

  3. This is what it looked like last November. Even the benches are still there.

    Those benches aren’t very good for sitting on, actually. You can’t get your feet under the bench to stand straight up. You need to lean out over your feet to balance and stand. Awkward.

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