Happy, 1962

This is one of those images I scanned and forgot. The forgetting usually comes from not knowing what to say about a picture. When I saw it again today, though, I was struck by how genuinely happy they look and these days I guess that’s enough:

That’s Nancy Ritter and David Pace, both freshmen in 1962. The label says she’s playing a show tune.

Bonus: That piano has seen a lot of use. I still regularly hear it played. A few years ago I stood and watched a nice man tune it.




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5 Responses to Happy, 1962

  1. They are in the Grand Hall in the Rice Memorial Center. I recognize those curtains.

  2. I used to play that piano regularly. Wiess had an upright piano that I also played, but it wasn’t as good a piano as the one in RMC.

  3. grungy1973 says:

    Mr. Evans, on 1 April 2016.
    Wish I could find my picture of the plague stating the provenance of the piano.
    It was donated by Lee Chatham Seureau in honor of her father, Rice’s first band director – Lee Chatham.

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