“We live in River Oaks ourselves,” 1930

In one of my few spare moments today I sat and leafed through a 1930 edition of the Houston Gargoyle that I have laying around in my office at home. I’ve mentioned this magazine several times, most prominently in this post about Houston’s Cradle of Culture. For much of its existence the Gargoyle‘s back cover featured a full page ad for homes in River Oaks. I was surprised and delighted that the one I picked up this morning showed some dear friends of this blog:

I’ve written about Carl Knapp ’16 more times than I can remember but one of my early posts talks about him at some length, including both his time at Rice and the route he took to working for the River Oaks Corporation.  This one is pretty interesting too, and if you want more just go put “Knapp” in the search box at right. I can’t go past the River Oaks Shopping Center without thinking of him.

But what really made me happy were the little girls, whom I met at a much later date. Elizabeth Knapp Gayle ’41 and Carolyn Knapp Hohl ’43, appeared in the Woodson one day in 2012 and brought us all much joy.

Bonus: I took this in George R. Brown back in February. I stood gaping like an idiot until I managed to sort it out.

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2 Responses to “We live in River Oaks ourselves,” 1930

  1. Bill Johnson '57 - '58. says:

    This photo was taken in one of the dorms. I recognize the chair and desk as the design of ones still in the rooms in the spring of 1958 (old South Hall or Rice College).

  2. Carl Hohl says:

    I am Carl Knapp Hohl, Carl Knapp’s grandson and Carolyn’s son and we (Ellen, Roy and Stephen; brothers, sister and me) all got a charge out of seeing that shot by the fireplace, not sure I had seen that one before! Thank you for the work you do for Rice’s Honor and for our Ganny and Gramps!

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