R Formation, 1927

With the Woodson closed I’ve been digging around in my laptop quite a bit and I keep being surprised by what’s in there. This image of the band, dated 1927, stopped me in my tracks just now:

Those uniforms were really spectacular and I bet they allowed a relatively small band make a big impression, as here on a visit up to A&M:

But what caught my attention was something else altogether. See where they are? It’s here, just to the left of this little rarely photographed spot I was worrying about last summer. Where they’re standing is just out of this frame to the left:

Yeah, I know it’s not much but it kind of made my afternoon. Go here for the original post about what else we can see across Main Street in this 1918 image right above.

Bonus: What was I doing on February 1, 2017? It appears I was nosing around in Abercrombie, checking on some renovations. I don’t remember this but it certainly seems right.

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4 Responses to R Formation, 1927

  1. almadenmike says:

    I’m delighted to see five (!!) piccolo players in that ’27 band.

  2. Are those the tracks for the old trolley that ran out from town along Main Street?

    • Texas SPQ says:

      The suggestion is that the picture was taken when the band visited Texas A&M. I imagine they got off the train at the “College” station in Brazos County, and were crossing the RR tracks to enter the adjacent campus. (There was no City of College Station until 1938.)

  3. Matthew Noall says:

    Isn’t Abercrombie scheduled for demolition? If so save those pictures so a future historian can see. 😃

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