“Looking N.W. From Main Ent. 2-10-13”

I’ve been browsing through some old images this morning and noticed that this photograph was taken precisely 108 years ago:

This was the state of affairs four months after the formal opening. Yikes. And it looks to have been exactly the same kind of sodden day as it is today.

Bonus: It was beautiful, though, last week when I came in to campus for my covid test. (It was negative.) I had to go out to the Roost to get it done and Reckling looked just immaculate. There’s always something heartening about a baseball field.



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2 Responses to “Looking N.W. From Main Ent. 2-10-13”

  1. David Scott says:

    What a beautiful photo from 108 years ago. A strong norther and smoke from Mech Lab (soon to be named Maxfield Hall following an extensive renovation and new home of the Department of Statistics. Thank you Dr. Robert Maxfield!)

  2. Aaron D says:

    The last picture of the helmets is great.

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