“the first such award ever to be made,” 1937

Last week’s post about how Dr. Lovett received the scroll and the second Gold Medal from the Rice alumni in 1941 immediately raises the question of who got the first one.  My initial guess turned out to be correct–it was Will Rice (last seen here sporting at the Houston Country Club.)

All the supporting material turned up in the ARA files that I wandered into the other day:

I found the ARA president’s remarks as well:

All true, of course, and I might add that Will Rice was not yet finished with his generosity to the Institute–he left a legacy of over 2 million dollars at his death.

But the thing I found touching was this: they paid for the medal and scroll by chipping in for them. Here’s the list of contributors, many of them familiar to long time readers:

Also a bit of a surprise was the fact that they didn’t award these every year. Only eleven were given out between 1937 and 1959:

I was stumped for a moment by Mrs. Malcolm W. Perkins, then realized that’s Sallie Shepherd Perkins, who gave the gift to establish the Shepherd School.


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8 Responses to “the first such award ever to be made,” 1937

  1. Charles says:

    Kind of exciting to see not one, but two of my great-grandparents referenced in one post about old Rice.

  2. William J. Watson says:

    The new building will be QUITE a contrast to Abercrombie!

  3. The list is titled “Prospects.” The contributors are apparently designated by a check mark. So Newton Rayzor, Harlan Moore and Lovett Abercrombie, et.al. were non-contributing cheapskates?

  4. Carey Perkins says:

    Sallie Shepherd Perkins was my great-aunt (by marriage to my great uncle Malcolm Perkins). I remember both of them clearly. And I remember when they both died (I was a teenager when Uncle M died). Uncle M is buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond but I don’t know where “Ant” Sally (as we always called her) is buried, nor can I find an obituary. Can anybody help?

    • Kathryn Peters says:

      Hi, Carey, I’m the historian for the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs. I’ve been locating the graves of all of our late past presidents for our records. Your “Ant” Sallie Perkins is also buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va. I believe there is a photograph of her headstone on findagrave.com; it matches her husband’s stone. Would you happen to have a photograph of Sallie between 1922 and 1925 while she was VFMC President? I can only find photos of her much later. You can contact me at kathrynpeterspiano [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Thank you so much!

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