Secession, 1992

We recently received a whole bunch of Dr. Bill Wilson’s things in the Woodson and among them I found these peculiar documents:

This is, of course, a complete mystery. If anyone can explain, please do. Although I suspect no really good explanation is possible.

Bonus: The real treasures in the boxes are the hundreds of recordings of Rice events made by Dr. Bill.

Extra Bonus:

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3 Responses to Secession, 1992

  1. Bob Casey, Weiss’86 says:

    Hello Hamlet from 1984! How can one view the superb acting, singing, and stage production of that most excellent performance?

    Dr. Bill was a great asset to Rice and particularly Weiss College. He is missed, but his legacy lives on in the thousands of lives he influenced.

  2. grungy1973 says:

    Any chance he recorded the “Flying Gamma” Aggie band performance in the 1981 game?
    The MOB’s videotape of it vanished sometime in the ’90s.

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