You Always Hate to See Beer Go to Waste, 1959

This from the packet of photos sent in by Karl Benson ’63. I just had a positive covid test and when I looked at this I instantly identified with the young woman laid out on the bed. If I felt better and the library were open I’d go figure out which was Betty Sue and which was Nancy. Actually I could probably figure it out from things I have in my office at home but frankly I’d rather someone else tell me.

It looks like bottles of Busch, which first hit the market in 1956.

Bonus: See?

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17 Responses to You Always Hate to See Beer Go to Waste, 1959

  1. harnmarsh says:

    Is there one that checks for pregnancy at the same time?

  2. Jerry Outlaw, ‘68 says:

    Hoping your symptoms are mild and your recovery quick.

  3. effegee says:

    When I read the comment about Busch, I quickly went back and reread the title and was relieved that it had NOT included the word “good”. A Busch was thrust into my hand at the first informal meeting between Baker and Jones advisor groups in (the late) Baker 362 on the first night of Orientation Week in 1969. Never made that mistake again!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Or, better yet, for a false positive.

  4. William Kendall says:

    That looks like a negative Covid test to me; just the control stripe showing. Hope your symptoms turn out not to be Covid related.

  5. almadenmike says:

    Looking for “Betty Sue” in the 1963 Campanile (file:///C:/Users/miker/Downloads/campanile1963rice.pdf), it looks like the Busch-pouring lady is Betty Sue Hamner, who in the 1962-63 academic year was Jones College President and an Outstanding Senior.

  6. Matthew Noall says:

    Hope you recover quickly!

  7. Phil Kean says:

    That woman isn’t laying on a bed; she’s laying on a table. The bare brick wall suggests a basement and/or a storage area of a public building of some sort. Sorry you’ve got Covid. I hope you feel better soon.

    • No, that’s a bed. It doesn’t even come up to Betty Sue’s knees. And that’s definitely in a dorm room. Note the messy closet over Betty Sue’s left shoulder. Conditions were rather Spartan those first few years of the college system.

  8. Kathrn Kennedy says:

    A basement or storage unit? Hey, the walls in our very style-forward dorm rooms in Jones College
    in 1959 were bare brick.

  9. almadenmike is correct in identifying Betty Sue Hamner as the pourer. The pouree in Nancy Lynne Jones (BA ’61).

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