Just One More Thing, 1926 With Update

Update: The first time I got interested in the 1926 Math Department photo (five years ago!) I found myself perplexed about the location of the group and had to go out to look for it. It was changed from the time of the photo and now it’s changed again from what it looked like five years ago.  I’ll put the new pictures down at the end.

Let’s look at this photo one more time:

After I got over the shock of Miss Hickey, the second thing I noticed was — where are they? I just couldn’t quite place it.

Luckily there were only a small number of buildings in 1926. At first I thought it might be a part of Chemistry that was remodeled but the bricks weren’t right. So I just walked outside and started looking. Ten minutes later I had it:

That’s a wheelchair lift, by the way:

The reason I couldn’t identify it right away is that there seem to be precisely zero pictures of this spot in the Woodson. Aside from the apparently compelling need people have to photograph the front (and only the front) of buildings, this is in a weird little notch that lacks some of the charisma of the rest of the Physics Building.

This is the closest I could get. If you could see through H.A. Wilson’s little building it would be right there:

And here you can see it on the Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson drawing, just to the right of the “Print within red line” notation:

Update: The wheelchair lift is gone.

And this ramp has replaced it, apparently with Divine approval:




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8 Responses to Just One More Thing, 1926 With Update

  1. loki_the_bubba says:

    Looking at the drawing makes me wish we still had an “Apparatus Museum”.

  2. I appreciate your comment about the administration’s higher approval.
    I believe Michelangelo (?sp) would also.
    Plus, the rays of slanting sunlight would have been the crowning cherry that rocked Louie Mayer’s boat, for sure.

  3. Rob LaVohn says:

    Great detective work!

  4. -db/Mike Gladu says:

    The “compelling need” for photographing professors in front of buildings arises from the departmental contact telling the young photographer where to meet the group for the photo, the imagination on the part of one or the other, and the photographer’s desire to create a little compositional interest and depth in boring group photos.
    It’s the same for weddings.
    I always tried to bring along a departmental “art director” to arrange the group after the spot is chosen.
    Some of the best group shots in the Campanile IMHO involve circular staircases, dogpiling, and very high ladders…

  5. The photo of the ramp appears to be to a different door from the subject of this post.

  6. Carl K. Hohl says:

    Melissa, It was good to hear from you. My name is Carl Knapp Hohl and I am very interested in Rice because Carl M Knapp is my Mother’s Dad. I think you met Carolyn and Aunt Lib back when we were celebrating Rice’s anniversary. I am still interested in any Rice info or Blogs that support that demographic of alumnus (Carolyn Knapp Hohl’s or Carl M. Knapp’s). It goes without saying that the Hohls all appreciate your efforts for Rice Alumni

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