Sartor Resartus, 1919

As inconceivable as it is to imagine today’s students familiar with an 1836 Thomas Carlyle novel (in English, “The Tailor Retailored,”), it must have been the case that the reference was recognized on campus in 1919:

The topic of this poetic work, of course, was the end of military discipline on campus and with it the end of Rice girls forced to go about their schooling in ghastly ROTC uniforms:

Women’s Army Corp with Sarah Lane, at Rice Institute

We have one of these beauties in the Woodson, probably it belonged to Miss Lane if I recall correctly. Oof.


Bonus: No more shortcut, unless you’re willing to jump. Which I am.

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Friday Follies: It’s A Universal Condition

I don’t believe it’s any secret that I’ve had a pretty tough week. Tough enough, in fact, to raise memories of those late ’60s/early ’70s Rice football seasons:

Cheer up, kids! We’ll lick ’em next week.

Bonus: There were quite a few like this one on a contact sheet of photos taken by Bob Roosth ’70,’71.

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Moving Day 3 with Badly Needed Help from Ron Sass

Please remind me never to do this again. I am too old. I can’t think straight, I’m catastrophically behind on email, and I accidentally stood up my priest at breakfast this morning. Also, my shoulder still hurts and I have to go to Physical Therapy.

I can only think of one thing to do. Let’s all drink a bunch of beer really fast like Ron Sass at Beer Bike 1967:

If you have a better idea I’d love hear it.


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No Class, 1913

I don’t know what Harold Wilson’s issue was but my problem is exhaustion and a really sore back:

Better luck tomorrow I bet.


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Moving Day, 1960

We’re finally moving back into our house today. I sure wish I had these likely looking fellows around to help out:

Bonus: I’m not looking forward to moving these.


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Beat Texas, 1974

Apparently football is about to start again and if I’ve been correctly informed Rice begins their season with a series of quite formidable opponents, including the University of Texas.

So I went and dug out the images that I found in some obscure file earlier this year. First,  a hortatory bumper sticker produced by the Booster Club:

They thrashed us of course, 27-6, a small contribution to a 2-8-1 year for the Owls. But no matter: Rice Fight Never Dies and hope springs eternal. I wish them the very best of luck this time around.

Bonus: This was, by the way, the 1974 Homecoming game and also in the file was this great flyer for the 5th reunion of the class of 1969:

Extra Bonus: We’ve taken a couple days off before we move back into our house next week and the first thing that happened was a flat tire. Here’s Mr. Rice History Corner manning the jack:

I know this sounds bad but that’s only because you’re forgetting that any day involving a flat tire also automatically becomes Melissa Eats Whatever She Wants Day:

I almost finished it.

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I’d Know That Dog Anywhere

I may have been doing this for too long. I ran across this Christmas card in the Tsanoff papers and my first thought was “I know that dog.”

We’ve seen her here before.

Her name was Kathy.


Bonus: I didn’t know there was such a thing as the Housekeeping Olympics but I’m not surprised that we apparently field a strong team.

By the way: Between Labor Day and moving back into our renovated house things might be a bit spotty around here for a few days.

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