Friday Afternoon Follies

Well, I guess technically it’s early evening. I had a really busy day.

Here, circa 1933, are some stalwart Rice dorm dwellers. I don’t think this would even be noteworthy these days.

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2 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies

  1. Amanda Focke says:

    These days, guys like this might also have a golf club and some tennis balls and a rolling cooler, playing through Fondren….

  2. Great Horned Owl says:

    If you want more pictures like this then just go by the residential colleges when they have their college nights, a twice-yearly occurrence. I believe Baker did “Dress Like a Baby at a Waterpark” a few years ago, while Hanszen this year had “Country Club.” The students will attend class in such attire so I also agree with the jaded sentiment of the picture…

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