Friday Afternoon Follies, plus a short update

Guess what?? I am posting this from my car! I’m not even making that up. (I’m not driving, though, don’t worry. I made my husband drive.) The last time my internet went out I got one of those mobile hotspots and I can now creep along the Katy Freeway and post in a leisurely fashion. Truly, we live in an age of miracles.

This week we have Rice students expressing themselves through interpretive dance. Several years ago we got a call from someone in, I believe, the Kinesiology Department. They’d found many, many volumes of scrapbooks, one from each year of intramurals over the course of several decades. If I recall correctly, I moved them to the library in an old laundry cart. In any event, they are full of pictures of the various teams and competitions as well as pretty complete results. I was a little surprised to find these 1953 pictures of an interpretive dance group. I’m not exactly sure how this worked as an intramural event, but you have to hand it to them, they certainly seem to be having a good time.

Update on the organ in the chapel: In what has to be the upset of the year, someone asked to see the second page of the contract for the building of this organ. I am always happy to oblige such requests, and in fact I encourage them. I thought about putting up the third page also, but it’s really nothing but boilerplate and signature lines.

Bonus pictures: I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the old Physics Building as we get ready to begin renovations. I’ve been struck repeatedly both by its beauty and its power to connect us to the people who built the early university. It’s been heartening to see the sensitivity of Rice’s FE&P folks to preserving the integrity of the building and restoring some its glory. I’m very grateful to them.

Anyway, while I was in there I started looking out the windows.



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3 Responses to Friday Afternoon Follies, plus a short update

  1. Helen Toombs says:

    The first of the 3 pix thru the windows of the physics building is neatly symbolic. (And I adore those lighting fixtures.)

  2. Melissa Kean says:

    It was taken through the transom of the door nearest the department office. I was sitting on the floor waiting for someone when I looked up and noticed how pretty it was.

    I love those light fixtures too!

  3. Take the trap door up to the roof. Great view from up there. I frequently would go up there, and was amazed that I was never noticed. People didn’t look up very much. It was a great private place to be in full sight of everything.

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