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A King Visits Rice

Seriously, a real king. Not long ago I got a very big surprise via campus mail. Marilyn Hellums, the wife of Rice Chemical Engineering professor David Hellums, sent over some photos of Belgian King Baudouin touring Rice. (Here is an … Continue reading

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Votes for Women, Part II: Protesting Works Up a Thirst

The other day I posted this picture of Camile Waggaman playing tennis on campus: In that post I also mentioned her sister Adele, who showed up in this “Votes for Women” photo: As I was looking at those girls in … Continue reading

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Minnie Florea and the Hurricane of 1915

Every now and then something surfaces that surprises me so much I can hardly think what to say. Here’s one of those things. This is a picture from a very early student scrapbook, a young woman in a clown costume … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies

I found this loose in a bunch of stuff from Baker. It’s undated. So much hair! Several other things occur to me. First, where did that bus come from? Where was it kept? Second, that doesn’t look much like a … Continue reading

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A Thursday Video, plus a Girls Athletics Photo

In this week’s Centennial video, Brandon finds me looking through a box of Dr. Lovett’s things. I think I look quite fetching with my glasses perched on top of my head and a band-aid covering the papercut on my thumb. … Continue reading

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Loitering in Front of the Administration Building

It’s kind of funny to me that this spot, which is normally one of the emptiest places on campus in recent times, was for many decades the site of so much aimless loitering. Attentive readers will know at a glance … Continue reading

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Inside the Engineering Annex

I’m packing for my trip to Omaha—I’ll be rooting for Stony Brook—so this will be a quick one. I recently ran across something I’d never seen before: a photo taken inside the Engineering Annex, which I’ve mentioned before. Miraculously, it … Continue reading

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