Fondren Library, 1969: “The Scream”

I had dental work all afternoon. It actually wasn’t as bad as I feared but I’m not in any shape to write anything.

Just so you have something to look forward to: I had a good idea this morning (I think) which I will roll out tomorrow.

Carol Speranza, the longtime coordinator of the Anthropology Department, passed away last weekend. She would have given me hell (and nobody could give it like she did) for making a fuss, so I won’t make a fuss but I have to note that she was always kind to me and went out of her way to help me however she could. Carol was one of a kind. She was a smoker and like many smokers, who are forced to huddle together on loading docks, she had all the good gossip. I actually have several pretty good photos of her, but I won’t post one because that would really make her mad. I’ll miss her. Carol Speranza, RIP.

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  1. R Kimbro says:

    All of us on the fifth floor of Sewall miss her already.

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