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Friday Afternoon Follies: Tug of War

1920s: 1990s:

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Elections, Part II

This mystifying set of images was also in the “Elections” folder. All it says on the back of the contact sheet is “Election.” My somewhat wild guess is that this was some kind of information gathering and disseminating site for … Continue reading

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The Back of the Chemistry Building

OK, I know I promised Elections Part II today, but frankly that just isn’t going to happen. We’re in the throes of a building cleanout program in Science and Engineering and it’s organized mayhem for me right now. I have, … Continue reading

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Elections, Part I

Yesterday I looked in a folder called “Elections” and I was pleasantly surprised to discover a real jumble. The word really covers a lot of territory, doesn’t it? Some of the images were from campus elections in the 1950s, before … Continue reading

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Equipment Manager, Maybe Late ’40s: You Can Almost Smell the Cigar

Every once in a while someone will pop out of one of these photographs with amazing vividness and immediacy, as if they had actually walked into the room. Here’s one of those people: I’m afraid I know nothing about him. … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Follies: Hanszenites Behaving Oddly. Again.

  Hard to say what this is about. They do look like bright lads, though.

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Timeless: Two Rainy Days in the Engineering Quad, Many Years Apart

I have many warm memories of being caught in campus buildings while a downpour went on in the daytime darkness outside. It’s a particular kind of happiness to be forced to stop and wait, to put your rounds aside and … Continue reading

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