Those Branches Are Lower Than You Might Think, 1997

I saw this a couple of weeks ago on the inner loop over between Baker and the Housing and Dining Office:


The juxtaposition of the truck and the trees reminded me of an earlier, less fortunate encounter between the world of nature and the freight industry which took place within a stone’s throw of the same spot. It took me until today to track down what I was remembering:

Semi hits tree c 97


There’s whole roll of film of this mess, including guys with chain saws shimmying up the tree, but the image that touches my heart is this one:

Semi 3

That poor guy! I think that’s a ticket he’s holding in his hand.

Bonus: Rice’s quick thinking General Counsel, Richard Zansitis, brought in a real treasure that he found at an estate sale earlier this summer. It’s the only Rally Club beer mug that we have in the archives. Many thanks, Richard!


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