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Queenie, Part 1

Odd things happen in the Woodson Research Center with reassuring regularity. Once in a while, though, it gets out of hand. This particular story is one of the most unlikely episodes I’ve ever seen unspool here, a whole string of … Continue reading

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I Can’t Explain This, 1962

This unusual shot of President Pitzer is dated April, 1962 but I can’t find anything in the Thresher to explain it and from the little we can see it’s a pretty odd setup. Some kind of public relations film maybe? If … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Not Safe for Work

Nice shoes, though. Two things: it’s undated (’70s?) and I hope one of the images was flipped.

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“On Campus,” 1976 plus The 1970 Campanile Again

I am totally wiped out tonight but I do have something here that should provide interesting reading. This is the entire issue of the November 19, 1976 “On Campus” newsletter for faculty and staff. If you can’t find something you … Continue reading

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Free Enterprise and Math 100

For those of you who got here after the Math 100 era, all you need to know is that everyone had to pass it–everyone–and that both it’s requirements and the way it was taught were  rigid to the point of … Continue reading

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A Shadow of David Parsons

I opened up a folder and was instantly disoriented by this photograph. I wasn’t even sure for a while which end was up but I think this is right:   It’s the east stair tower of Anderson Biology, looking straight … Continue reading

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Jerry Lewis, 1937-2015

I was saddened to learn this weekend of the death of Jerry Lewis. Jerry came to Rice in the mid-80s and worked first in internal audit, then in the controllers office. In 2002 he moved over to athletics and eventually … Continue reading

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