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Look at This!

I found this sequence of four shots at the very end of the collection of construction negatives in William Ward Watkins’ papers. They were completely unexpected and I nearly wept when I understood what they were–the immediacy of the images … Continue reading

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Shuttle Bus, 1985

This is actually labeled: “Summer School 1985, Ballet students on shuttle.” I’m prepared to believe they’re ballet students (although I don’t know what they would have been doing at Rice) but that looks like a laundry truck to me. Bonus:

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Hurricane Season

It’s apparently upon us. Not long ago I came across these pictures of serious preparations on campus in advance of a storm. They aren’t dated but based on the images of the aftermath I have to believe this was Hurricane … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Macrobrew

As long as we’re looking at pictures from Brown, this is from the awards program in 1973. I wonder what she won for. Bonus: Another alert faculty member (yes, there are two) sent this yesterday. So close.

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Obsolete Technology: Where’s the Remote??

Brown College, 1973.  This was taken, I believe, around Christmastime so maybe they were watching Rudolph: Bonus: 

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Bits of String and Shiny Bottle Caps

Just a few tiny things that recently caught my attention and stuck there until I could figure them out. First, this: I know this was bothering you guys too so I went and checked. That lamp post is now gone. … Continue reading

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“One 16″ triple thickness Falconer’s Glove,” 1985

Today we have another great photo from the Bud Morehead slides, by far the best image I’ve seen of the cage where students kept the live owl mascots that we had for a while. If you squint you can see … Continue reading

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