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Oops. Plus Clown Night, 1979

I just sat down at my laptop after a couple of days away and realized quickly that I’d forgotten to tell you I’m on spring break this week. To all who inquired about my whereabouts, sorry! In any event, I’m … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: I Think Number 65 Goosed Him

Also, doesn’t that look like Bucky Alshouse right smack in the middle of the picture?

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Black Profile, 1972

This year we’re commemorating the 50th anniversary of black undergraduates at Rice and the Woodson is participating with exhibits in the trophy case in the RMC. This pamphlet was part of that but I thought I’d also post it here … Continue reading

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Obsolete Technology: Standard Issue c1960

This communications technology (down on the floor) is even older than the portable Compaq I found the other day: I love the chairs too. And the lamp. And the floor. And her socks. All of it really. Bonus:

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Tumblers, undated

My first reaction when I saw these was “Hey, cool, a tumbling squad!” Tumblers, like pole vaulters, are usually good for a striking photograph or two. Here they are: And here they are, well, tumbling, I guess: My second thought … Continue reading

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Barbara Jordan, 1977

Last week I ran across these wonderful images of Congresswoman Barbara Jordan speaking in the spring of 1977. I’d never seen the room before and so wasn’t at all certain that they had been taken at Rice but we seem … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Moving Out, 1976

Forget the guy; check out those cars! Bonus:

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Musicalums, 2005

Someone asked in the comments yesterday if there were photos of Drs. Girard and Ross at their recording session in 2005. Well, loyal reader Marty Merritt made one appear (I can’t help but wonder what else he’s got squirreled away.) … Continue reading

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Girard and Ross at the Piano

Here’s the find of the semester (so far). A couple of days ago I received this surprising email from loyal reader Marty Merritt: In about 2005 I recorded some songs for the elderly Dr. Girard and his classmate Dr. Ross. … Continue reading

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The Rice Hymn, 1939 Plus Rice Fight Never Dies

Here’s a 1939 Thresher article about the Rice Hymn, also written by Louis Girard and his classmate Nealie Ross. It’s interesting enough but what really caught my eye was the section about the origin of the “Rice Fight Never Dies” … Continue reading

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