Scavenger Hunt, 2017

Any day you get to tag along with Richard Stearman, Construction Services Manager for FE&P, is a fun day but today I got to tag along with him for the Arch 316/516 HVAC Photo Scavenger Hunt! This is an exercise in which teams of architecture students are sent out to take pictures of themselves with various pieces of HVAC equipment in campus buildings. It sounds simple but it isn’t, hence Richard is there to take them through:

What are they looking for? Well, air grilles, registers and diffusers, HVAC controls (switches and thermostats), air handlers and fan coils, boilers, various pumps and pipes for chilled water, hot water and steam, access panels, ducts, vibration control devices and etcetera. The trick is knowing where to look. I was nearly beside myself.

I saw the guts of the south power plant for the first time. It’s lovely, all shiny and clean, but the same basic things are going on as in the old plant. You can’t run one of these places without a bridge crane:

There are some beautiful views of the new parking garage from the roof:

But the biggest surprise was what appears to be some sort of time travel portal:

This was not on the scavenger hunt list, by the way.

Bonus: We have lift off! (Thanks to an alert early bird reader.)

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5 Responses to Scavenger Hunt, 2017

  1. marmer01 says:

    But what is that in gigawatts?

  2. grungy1973 says:

    Was Sump Pump #10 part of their hunt?
    1.5 floors below 1st floor Sewall.

  3. degb00 says:

    Did they go into the tunnels at all?

  4. Richard Stearman says:

    Marty, good question
    Sewall submersed water pump was not on the list, but that is a good one for next time.
    And Yes, how could tunnels not be part of the mechanical/infrastructure tour.



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