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Easter Will Never Be the Same

I was already planning to take tomorrow off for Good Friday but after seeing this I might need an extra couple days: The third bunny from the left looks a bit familiar to me but I can’t quite place him.

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I Need a Little Help With This One, nd

I love this picture. Both the woman and the technology surrounding her are simply wonderful. (I’ve started giving some thought, by the way, to just going ahead and attaching my glasses to a chain. Maybe I’m just kidding myself but … Continue reading

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Around the World in 53 Years

Have a look at the envelope in which the Edgar Odell Lovett-Frederick Seares correspondence arrived. It was given to me some weeks ago by Malcolm Lovett, Jr., Edgar Odell Lovett’s grandson, who had come across it somewhere at home. It’s … Continue reading

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“with great joy and in bold hope,” 1908

Not too long ago I was handed an envelope that contained a large number of letters written by Edgar Odell Lovett to his friend Frederick Seares. Most of them date from Lovett’s years at Princeton and have to do with … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Bacchanalia, sort of

I’m not sure that this is such a great idea.

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Summer’s Coming

In an abstract way I knew that it must be so, but today was the first day I really believed it. Walking across the academic quad I saw, like the first robin of spring, the inauguration of the annual commencement … Continue reading

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An Owl’s Birthday, 2017

Last Friday afternoon sculptor Anny Coury visited Rice to celebrate the 50th birthday of her owl, who resides near the front door of Allen Center. If you’ve ever been in there you know the one I mean–he’s hard to miss. … Continue reading

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