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“From the album of a graduate,” 1962

Commencement hasn’t changed much at Rice until very recently. But just because it has generally looked the same doesn’t mean it was really the same underneath. I can’t remember where I found this article (I’m guessing it was in a … Continue reading

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The Same Lounge Today

I had fifteen minutes between meetings so I wasted them looking for these pictures, which I had failed to label, buried deep in my laptop. This is what that lounge area looks like now–much less cool and not super conducive … Continue reading

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Lounging, nd

I’ve been on the road today and I’m kind of frazzled but I still have something fun for us to look at. Right before I left I stumbled across a contact sheet that contained these befuddling images: This obviously is … Continue reading

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Name That Pub, 1975

I hadn’t realized that they held a contest in 1975 to name the new pub until I ran across an envelope full of entries. “Willy’s” is ok, but there were several I would have liked better: There was also petition … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: With a Small Twist

It’s the addition of the random football that makes the game so fiendishly difficult: Bonus: Finals week at the kinder, gentler Rice. Extra bonus: Commencement cleanup proceeds. I asked him if it was fun and he laughed and said yes.

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A Bit of Basketball Trivia, 1948

This came from a completely different place than yesterday’s basketball post. It’s a contract, and one so weird I was gobsmacked when I read it: Honestly, it had never crossed my mind that we would have to bring our own … Continue reading

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“Observe caution in the disposal of cigarette butts,” 1952

I’m still working my way through the boxes that came from the Cal and Virginia Hill estate sale a while ago and it really does look like an exceptionally rich and interesting collection. Something I’d never seen before is one … Continue reading

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Two Questions About Hamman Hall

Specifically, two questions about the front of Hamman Hall. First, have a look at this image taken not long after the building was completed. The long walls off the sides aren’t there anymore. I was out there today and looked … Continue reading

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Remember those baskets in the old gym?

Here’s a young lady clearly delighted to be getting her stuff ready for some intramural competition in 1960: They were replaced a couple times over the years (we have the contracts!) but as I’m sure you did too, I assumed … Continue reading

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