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Farewell to Gate Number 3

Now that commencement is over they’re set to demolish the Third Gate, or at least its eastern half, in order to manage the traffic flow out of the new parking garage behind Allen Center: That gate has been here for … Continue reading

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I Had Jury Duty Today

I’m going to need a couple minutes to collect myself. Be back tomorrow. Bonus: Downtown Houston from the 18th floor of the Criminal Courts.

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Friday Follies: Rain Out

This year looks to be safely dry but I enjoyed finding this photograph of what looks to be a Facilities department skit dramatizing the chaos the accompanies rain at commencement time: I suspect this is funnier if you know these … Continue reading

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“From the album of a graduate,” 1962

Commencement hasn’t changed much at Rice until very recently. But just because it has generally looked the same doesn’t mean it was really the same underneath. I can’t remember where I found this article (I’m guessing it was in a … Continue reading

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The Same Lounge Today

I had fifteen minutes between meetings so I wasted them looking for these pictures, which I had failed to label, buried deep in my laptop. This is what that lounge area looks like now–much less cool and not super conducive … Continue reading

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Lounging, nd

I’ve been on the road today and I’m kind of frazzled but I still have something fun for us to look at. Right before I left I stumbled across a contact sheet that contained these befuddling images: This obviously is … Continue reading

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Name That Pub, 1975

I hadn’t realized that they held a contest in 1975 to name the new pub until I ran across an envelope full of entries. “Willy’s” is ok, but there were several I would have liked better: There was also petition … Continue reading

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