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“Too much milk tends to slow a man up,” 1920

Every once in a while I chance upon something that almost smashes me in the face with the understanding that the past really is a foreign country. These pages are an excerpt about training that come from a very, very … Continue reading

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The Flopping Galosh Fad, circa 1920

One intriguing thing that the ARA Historical Commission of the 1970s organized was the “Self-Interview.” This was really just a questionnaire with a fancy name but when they sent it out to early alumni it got a great response. This … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: “Rice Institute athletes practice fly casting,” 1938

The more you look at this, the funnier it gets:   The guy in the middle just slays me–he looks like he’s never seen a fishing pole before. As for the rest of them, well, I don’t even know where … Continue reading

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Boulevard Service

Speaking of transportation along Main Street, one of the odder ways students managed to get from one place to another was a quasi-official institution referred to by all as Boulevard Service. This was essentially a loosely organized sort of hitch-hiking … Continue reading

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H.A. Wilson Driving Down Main Street, circa 1920

Speaking of H.A. Wilson, one of the many charming letters that have turned up in the ARA collection describes his means of transportation to and from campus. I’ve come to understand that the dramatic flourish of the long gloves, much … Continue reading

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George Trammell, 1923-2017

I’m sorry to say that I never had the chance to know George Trammell ’44, a faculty member in the Physics Department for thirty-six years. Professor Trammell passed away this last summer at the age 94 and I always feel … Continue reading

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Manned Space Center with Ducks, circa 1966

We had a patron in the Woodson today who was working with some materials from the Albert Thomas (’19) Papers. In a box filled with Congressman Thomas’s speeches I found this one, which he gave not long after NASA made … Continue reading

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