Staff Orange Decals and Visitors, 1991

As I worked my way through the stack of pictures that I talked about yesterday, I realized with some excitement that they were more or less all concerned with traffic patterns and parking on campus. Some showed entrances:

Quite a few showed parking lots, with their identifying letters no less. I’m not certain where this first one is:

Here’s a real beauty–this is what we call the North Lot these days so that has to be the Flammable Chemical Storage Building at the end:

There’s even a picture of a parking sticker on the back of someone’s BMW. Talk about minutia!

Hang on for one last post about these tomorrow. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Bonus: Public Affairs folks goofing around in the RMC.


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3 Responses to Staff Orange Decals and Visitors, 1991

  1. Kind of weird that I immediately spot the last two photos as the lobby of the RMC. Only the bricks and the windows are the same as when I was there. Well, and the weird planks on the walls. I think those are the same.

  2. kctipton says:

    Yep RMC display cases there on the right.

  3. Owlcop says:

    Lot M was Cohen House Lot.

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