O. Jack Mitchell: “a persistent and uncompromising optimist”

The collection of images related to traffic and parking on campus in the very early 1990s is remarkably thorough. It even includes a series of photographs that document where the F&E carts parked:

By the time I got to those I was seriously impressed. Someone was doing meticulous work here. Upon opening the last envelope it all became clear. These images had been collected as part of the campus parking and traffic study led by then Dean of Architecture Jack Mitchell:

(For those keeping score at home, the backs of those heads belong to John Boles ’65 and Mary McIntire ’75.)

I haven’t had time to hunt down the study itself but I was able to quickly locate the Rice News unveiling, which I remember as being of intense interest in faculty and staff circles at the time:

Sadly, Mitchell died only a few weeks after this was written. He was 60 years old.

The memorial that I liked best was this insightful piece by my friend Drexel Turner ’69:

We have Mitchell’s personal and academic papers in the Woodson along with the records from the Dean’s office for the time period he served. I still benefit from them regularly.

Bonus: Time does pass.


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3 Responses to O. Jack Mitchell: “a persistent and uncompromising optimist”

  1. Galloway Hudson ;60 says:

    The Rice News shown in Volume 1, Number 22. Does this mean that there was no Rice News prior to the 1991-1992 academic year? If so, that is a bit surprising.

  2. Keith Cooper says:

    As I read the article from the Rice news, I could almost hear Jack’s mellifluous voice.

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