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Technology, Obsolete and Not Obsolete

I ran across these two images last week. They were in the same envelope and I’m thinking it’s the same kid. They’re not dated but mid-1980s is my wild guess. I’m not at all sure what was being demonstrated but … Continue reading

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Friday Follies: Cheers!

From the groundbreaking for the new Wiess College: Dr. Bill Wilson, Wiess Masters John and Paula Hutchison. We got an email yesterday informing us that Hutch is stepping down as Dean of Undergraduates this summer after seven (7!) years of … Continue reading

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Rice v. A&M, November 16, 1957

Over the last week or so several people have pointed out to me that today is the 60th anniversary of one of Rice’s greatest football victories, the 1957 win over Texas A&M. I first wrote about this game way back in … Continue reading

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Aerial with Med Center, no date

Look at this beauty that I recently came across. So many places to park! It’s undated but a quick look suggests early 1970s–any thoughts? I’m also curious about what’s going on to the west of old Weiss–surely those straight lines … Continue reading

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ktru dj manual, 1979

If you’ve been keeping up you know that my awesome colleague Norie Guthrie recently digitized several boxes worth of old ktru tapes, which can now be listened to here. A couple of weeks ago I finally had a chance to … Continue reading

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“Marriage, that dream within a dream,” 1932

I happened upon an unusual document this afternoon while I was unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to locate something else. It arrived on campus in 1988, in the provost’s office oddly enough. (That would have been Neal Lane.) It’s … Continue reading

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Homecoming Follies: Ready, Set, Go! 1977

This says on the back only “Homecoming 1977 cross country”: I’ve been home sick part of this week with plenty of time to think and I found this picture inspiring. I’ve become enchanted by the notion of holding a Homecoming … Continue reading

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