Friday Follies: “It’s fun . . . It’s relaxing . . . and so . . . EASY!

Here’s Florence Stancliff ’27, circa late-’50s, showing them how it was done back in her day. I actually have no idea what’s going on here or even whose leg that is but it doesn’t look relaxing at all. I admit it might be fun, though:

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9 Responses to Friday Follies: “It’s fun . . . It’s relaxing . . . and so . . . EASY!

  1. Owlcop says:

    It’s a major award!

  2. N Bailey says:

    Nametag identifies tall young man as Fred Stancliff ’55,possibly in his freshman year.

  3. Whit Matteson says:

    She may be playing a Hammond Model M (1948-51) or M-2 (1951-55) organ. The text at the bottom edge of the photo looks like it could say “THE HAMMOND…”, and the Model M appears to be the only one with the notch in the top of the music rack. What could be more fun than that? Hammond’s old ads often tout them as being fun and easy to play: “just one finger!”.

  4. Nancy Moore Eubank says:

    That is Fred Stancliff ‘55. His mother and father used to appear on campus dressed in clown costumes and make-up, possibly related to participation in Shriner activities. Nancy Moore Eubank ‘55.

  5. marmer01 says:

    OK, where is this? I don’t know of a Hammond organ on campus but the poster on the back looks like it was promotional (brought in temporarily) anyway. That wooden slat work looks vaguely familiar. Name tags with dates mean it’s almost certainly Homecoming-ish.

  6. marmer01 says:

    Ah. I was thinking about the wrong wall.

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