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Football Follies, 1959

This from the HMRC is the only known photograph of Jess Neely goofing around: Even more astonishing is line coach “Bloody Joe” Davis as the holder. (That’s backfield coach Cecil Grigg, who has managed to retain more of his dignity, … Continue reading

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HMRC Thursday: Southwest Conference Track Meet, 1961

Again from the Houston Post Photo Collection, this time two images taken during the Southwest Conference track and field championship which was held at Rice on May 13th. Both of these pictures brought a smile to my face, the first … Continue reading

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Another Loose End Tied Up, 1956

Yesterday it was fishing class, tonight it’s bowling. A little over a year ago I wrote about a bowling shirt that had been sent to the Woodson by Robert Karnei ’56. (Well, actually it was sent by his wife while … Continue reading

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“Fishes of Texas,” 1935

Folks, this right here is where nearly thirty years in the archives pays off. One morning I was idly leafing through some papers in the Institute Library collection. I felt an immediate jolt when this came into view: Off I … Continue reading

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“Bethany College Honors Its Distinguished Graduate,” 1965

If you pay attention there’s a lot to look at inside and around the sallyport. Much of it is overhead and I regularly see visitors gazing up at the ornate carvings. It’s easy to miss the small plaque tucked lower … Continue reading

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“There now–isn’t that simple?” 1977

Well no, it turned out that it wasn’t. The colleges have been co-ed for so long that it seems natural and inevitable to us but getting there was a bumpy road indeed. Changing things is never easy in these institutions … Continue reading

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“I think I shall be able to operate the device,” 1929

I work in the library, of course, and so when I think of Miss Dean I naturally think of her in her role as the Rice librarian. Once in a while, though, I have cause to remember that she taught … Continue reading

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Mudd Lab Scale Model, 1981

From the April Fool’s edition of the Thresher, this is exactly the kind of stupid thing that makes me laugh: Bonus: This is entertaining also.

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