What do you get when you leave Rice after 50 years?

You get an awesome cake with your face on it, that’s what!

In addition, Bart Sinclair ’73 ’74 ’79 receives the respect, affection, and trust of hundreds of colleagues he’s interacted with over those years. As a student, faculty member, and associate dean of the school of engineering he has done his best for the university thoughtfully, calmly, reliably, respectfully, and always with honor. He will be sorely missed.

An unknown photographer captured this beautiful image on a rare snowy morning in the early 1970s. It’s one of my two or three favorites–Bart and one of his classmates, hidden by umbrellas, about to cross the  empty quad after a 7:00 am class taught by Joel Cyprus ’59 ’61 ’63:

I’d long intended to use this picture as my final blog post, never imagining that Bart would leave before I did.

Bonus: Bart (left) and Chief Marshall Keith Cooper (center) attempting to keep the dignitaries under control at the Centennial Celebration in October, 2012/

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  1. Galloway Hudson - Wiess '60 says:

    Rice threw a great retirement party for Bart yesterday in Cohen House. Included among the invitees were former board members of the Rice Engineering Alumni (REA), because Bart worked tirelessly with that organization to help it achieve its mission of supporting all aspects of the Brown School of Engineering. Well done, Bart, and thank you.

  2. How about a post on John Boles’ retirement?

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