“William M. Rice Institute General Offices,” 1948

I ran across this in a treasurer’s office scrapbook the other day and was actually quite surprised:

I had no idea that the Rice business offices remained off campus for forty years. Originally in the Scanlan Building, they moved to the Esperson Building in 1926 where they apparently stayed for over twenty years (although it looks like at some point they moved to a different set of rooms):

Two things: First, I don’t know whether rooms 201-204 were in the north or south wing in 1948. And second, this was only a month after the Administration Building had officially been renamed Lovett Hall and a year before the library finally moved out of the building. It must have felt like a season turning.

Bonus: I saw this yesterday and my heart was gladdened. They’re going to match them for the Mech Lab renovation! To know why it makes sense to copy the lights in the Lovett Hall cloisters for the front of Mech Lab, go here. You’ve got to celebrate the small wins.

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