I Could Have Saved Myself A Lot of Trouble

I’m actually out of town on a ski trip–just got some sweet new cross country gear–but apparently I should have just stayed home:

Many thanks to loyal reader and intrepid photographer Owlcop for this morning’s pictures of a cold, snowy campus. My favorite is this one of Reckling Field, which looked so gloriously spring-like just last week:

Bonus: Here’s Anne Marie Smith ’38, sporting after a big snowfall that spring. She was Phi Beta Kappa, by the way, and graduated with Honors in History.

Also notice that they didn’t cancel classes.



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3 Responses to I Could Have Saved Myself A Lot of Trouble

  1. Anne Berkley says:

    I think it snowed twice while I was a student, both times on or close to Valentines Day. 1959 or thereabouts. I wonder how many other times this has happened.

  2. “Also notice that they didn’t cancel classes.”

    And she/they did NOT live on campus: More difficult to get there, etc., rather than just enjoying a hot chocolate (or sumpin), at home.

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