A Mystery

While I was on vacation the Woodson got an email from a woman who has something odd. It’s collectible coin of some sort, with lots of complicated images on one side. These aren’t the sharpest photographs but you can make out the heads of three presidents, the statue of liberty, two eagles, a couple Native Americans, an airplane, a submarine, a light bulb, and two astronauts (among some other small things):

That’s weird, but not really something I have any expertise on. However, if you turn it over you will find what is unmistakably the academic seal of the Rice Institute

Here’s another image for scale:

I’m guessing this is something like this spoon but would appreciate any thoughts. It’s just such a peculiar combination (but then so was the spoon, I guess.)

Bonus: One of the interesting things about the way Italian cypresses die is that sometimes after they turn brown they’ll turn orange. You can see it starting here right at the very top. Once in a while a whole tree will turn orange, sticking out of the ground like a tongue of fire. It’s quite striking.

Extra Bonus: The lawn, though, is really thriving, looking lush after a wet summer.


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7 Responses to A Mystery

  1. Richard Schafer says:

    What is the text at the top of the front of the coin? I can see what looks like a 198 but can’t read the rest.

  2. William Kendall says:

    On the back, under the seal, it says something or other “Penny.” Perhaps “Liberty Penny.” I can’t really make out the first word.

  3. Mike Ross says:

    Here’s a link to a similar “Liberty Penny” that has a “Chicago Cotton Goods” mark on the other side.


    The poster said his grandfather owned that company in the 1930s.

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