Kitchen Staff, 1965

Baker College, from the materials Gerald Moorhead gave to the archives last Spring. I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves:

The staff at Rice provides an astonishing amount of aid and comfort to both students and faculty, often with little recognition in return, then disappear from the memory of the institution as soon as they retire. There are no names on the back of the photos so I can’t say who were these people who brought us dinner.

Bonus: Thanks to an alert reader for this image of inauguration prep. Big tent going up in Founder’s Court.


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6 Responses to Kitchen Staff, 1965

  1. Gerald Moorhead ‘69 says:

    Few came to breakfast Sunday morning, cooks would make anything you asked. (Baker was “central kitchen “ then, fully staffed) They taught me how to make scrambled eggs with cheese. Still a Sunday staple. Gerald

  2. Sara Lowman says:

    Love these pictures! It’s great to celebrate the staff working behind the scenes who support campus life. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

  3. Matthew Noall says:

    I remember the “kitchen ladies ” when I was at Sid Rich. Breakfast was not the most popular meal so Ella seemed to memorize what those who did eat what we liked. I appreciated their work and cheerful attitudes

  4. Every Rice college generation has had these wonderful employees/friends. Something about their dependable presence is comfortable and stabilizing. Ella and Miss Betty, SRC, ’76-’82.

  5. Galloway H Hudson (Wiess '60) says:

    Anyone remember a woman called “Ma Cason”? If memory serves, she was head dietician at Rice when I was there (1956-61). She was from Iowa State U. and brought in grads from that school and other places to serve on her staff. Some of them married Rice students in due course. Mary and I met two of them in later years, and a third who married a UT dental school grad.

  6. Frank G. Jones says:

    I washed dishes at Baker my senior year. 1962-63. The kitchen staff were great to work with and a lot of fun. I believe the woman in the first 2 photos was Dally and the one in the third was Rosie. I do not recognize the young man. Dinners were seated affairs with the freshmen acting as servers and clearing the tables after dinner and taking the dishes to a window where we washers hosed them off and loaded them in metal racks to run them through the washing machines before putting them away. Frank G. Jones

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