Modern Homes Tour, 1957: Part 2

There was so much good commentary about the architecture and especially the sculpture in last week’s post about Anderson Todd’s photos from the tour of modern homes that I was inspired to go back for another look at the slides. There are quite a few interior shots and I can’t tell precisely how many different houses he took pictures of. Here are a couple of kitchens, both very Space Age:

And a great bathroom:

A hallway that looks unexceptional to me, but which clearly caught his vastly more educated eye:

And outside, lo and behold, another sculpture:

Bonus: I had a fantastic time on my visit to the Library Service Center today!

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3 Responses to Modern Homes Tour, 1957: Part 2

  1. That’s a pretty high-tech library ladder you got there! Be careful!

  2. loki_the_bubba says:

    Looks like the man is strapped in. Are you strapped to the man?

  3. Stephen Klimas (Baker, Class '88) says:

    There is a really good chance that my parents’ house was on that tour… The Solomon. House. I am in the process of trying to restore it to its 1957 glory and any color(!) photos would be incredible to have. Is there any chance of seeing the rest of Andy’s slides?

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